Meal Prep Options

Please note there is a 5 meal minimum

  • Jollof Rice and Fried Plantains Bowl- $10 per meal

  • One pot rice dish with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, habaneros and several fragrant spices. Served with fried plantains and your choice of peppered chicken, spicy gizzards or stewed naija style spinach

  • Asun with Sweet potatoes and plantains - $12 per meal

  • Smoked Goat meat stir fried in a spicy/sweet red pepper and onion sauce, served with fried/grilled plantains and sweet potatoes

  • Efo riro with chicken and rice - $12 per meal

  • Chicken in Spinach and bell pepper/tomato sauce made with palm oil and fermented locust beans. Served with steamed white rice

  • Rice and Beans with Plantains and Chicken Stew  - $12 per meal

  • Chicken in a sweet and spicy bell pepper, tomato & onion sauce, served with white rice & honey beans & fried plantains

  • Coconut Honey Bean Porridge with Plantains - $12 per head

  • Nigerian honey beans (black eyed peas) slow cooked with coconut milk, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, palm oil and crayfish powder(optional) served with fried/grilled plantains.

  • Cucumber, Tomato & seasonal fruit salad -$3 per portion - (watermelon & strawberry currently) - WIth a lemon Vinaigrette.

  • We can also Create custom packages to meet your specific dietary needs. Please email with more inquiries. 


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