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This story follows Simileoluwa Adebajo, a 21-year-old Nigerian American, as she leaves her home city of Lagos, Nigeria and moves to San Francisco, California in search of better opportunities and to earn her Master's degree.

She returns to America at a strange time. The country is at a sociopolitical crossroads due to a racist, ableist, and misogynistic president -- leaving her with all sorts of confusing ideas about the idyllic country of her birth and how exactly she fits in America with her Nigerian heritage. 

As fate would have it, this conflict led her to start Eko Kitchen -- the city of San Francisco's first Nigerian restaurant -- to permit people from all over the world to have positive encounters with African culture and to allow her to connect with her new community. In Sisi Eko of San Francisco by Simileoluwa Adebajo, we learn of Simi's journey to become the most widely published Nigerian chef in the United States -- and how she battled with racism, reproductive rights, sexual assault, and her mental heath to ultimately find herself, changed and victorious.

Sisi Eko of San Francisco - A memoir

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